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Join us Saturday, January 21st, 2023 at 6pm in The Broadmoor Hall for a night to remember!

The Broadmoor Hotel
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A Daughter’s Journey is a yearly Father-Daughter Dinner Dance in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It connects and encourages Fathers and Daughters across Colorado Springs to invest in the special relationship between a Father and a Daughter. This year’s event is being hosted by the iconic Broadmoor Hotel.

This celebration of relationship between Fathers and Daughters is a transformational experience both for the daughters who need to be loved and mentored, and the Fathers, who need a time and space to facilitate pouring love and attention on their Daughter(s). No other activity can replace the bonding and intimacy that A Daughter’s Journey brings! Join us in cultivating these precious times for Fathers and Daughters.

We hope you will join us in the Broadmoor Hall, Saturday, January 21st, 2023 to dine, dance, and invest in relationship with Fathers and Daughters across Colorado Springs.

The Broadmoor is also offering a special discounted rate to A Daughter’s Journey attendees for the weekend of the event, Friday through Sunday. If you use the group code DAUGH23 when reserving rooms either online or by calling 855-634-7711, you can secure the rate of $199 a night! No driving home in the snow, and Mom might even get a spa night out of it while the Dad and Daughters are dancing the night away! Sounds like a perfect end to a perfect evening. Book your rooms today!

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See how one Dad and Daughter couple is preparing for the dance this Saturday!

If you’re a little shy on the dance floor, this encouragement is for you!!

A Daughter’s Journey 2023
True North

This year’s theme is True North. In a world that constantly bombards us with information, opinion, and media, having a “true north” to guide your path is a must.

When they are young, Daughters look to their Fathers for this guidance. So how do you facilitate a relationship that teaches her how to find True North even when she leaves home?

Even then, True North can be elusive, as adult life seems to get more complicated by the day. Together (with your Father or Daughters) let’s explore True North and how to guide our steps in this hectic world.

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