Who We Are

About Us

A Daughter’s Journey exists to encourage local Father-Daughter relationships at whatever stage they are at (developing, deepening, or reestablishing) through an annual celebratory event. Father-Daughter relationships can easily stagnate, falling away from the vision of community and love we are given in the Bible. Specific structured time dedicated to that relationship makes a huge difference in opening that door. A Daughter’s Journey connects and encourages Fathers and Daughters across Colorado Springs in the wake of A Daughter’s Heart, which brought so many closer to their Fathers and to God. This yearly celebration of that gift of relationship cannot be missed, not for the Daughters who need to be loved and mentored, nor for the Fathers, who need a time and space to facilitate that. No other activity can replace the bonding and intimacy that A Daughter’s Journey brings to a Father and Daughter relationship.

About The Board of Directors

This project brings Christ into the relationships between Fathers and Daughters in Colorado Springs, opening conversations and affirmations crucial to a God-fulfilled life. As A Daughter’s Journey, we are a dedicated group of people coming together with the same vision, to bring a diverse representation of Colorado Springs to this event. We each bring a unique yet unified perspective to the mission that no other organization could create.

Our Board

Frank Djonbalaj

As a father, Frank is always looking for ways to individually connect with his kids. Several years ago, a good friend invited him and his daughter to A Daughter’s Heart (ADH). They fell in love with the event and both eagerly looked forward to attending ADH every year. After a couple of years, Frank got acquainted with Renee and she shared her passion and vision about how ADH came about. After that, he was hooked, and loved supporting the event every year. Fast-forward a few years later, and Frank has been instrumental to continuing the legacy of this wonderful event through A Daughter’s Journey. This event is close to his home and his heart and he wants to help bring the same kind of joy and excitement his family has experienced (now for many years) to as many families as possible.

Sasha Swift

Sasha attended the events put together by our organization’s predecessor (A Daughter’s Heart) for nearly two decades with her father and her sister. She jumped at the chance to carry on this legacy and continue fostering Father-Daughter relationships in our community, including her own daughter and husband.  Personally and professionally, Sasha has been dedicated to serving the community for years and believes there is no better way to continue this than serving on the ADJ team. 

Kammie Elliott

Kammie has a deep desire and love for serving her community and being the hands and feet of Christ. Kammie and her father have always had a deep relationship, spending a lot of their time at the race track and working on their muscle cars. They have been attending father daughter dances for 15 years. Kammie always gets more excited for the dance than she does for Christmas morning! Kammie is excited to be a part of nourishing father- daughter relationships in her community.

Luke Vercollone

Luke is the proud husband of Andrea, and father of 6 beautiful kiddos (3 of which are amazing daughters). He is honored to be a part of the team to orchestrate an epic father/daughter dance in this city and excited to leave a lasting impact on his girls through this event! After a 15-year pro-soccer career, Luke dove into ministry full-time with Save The Storks and Inferno. He is humbled by the opportunity to be a part of A Daughter's Journey!

Travis Easton

Travis lives in a sorority with his lovely wife, Maggie, and their three daughters.  Travis wants every daughter to know how important they are.  He hopes that A Daughter’s Journey provides a perspective that shows them that each Daughter has been uniquely made by God to do things that nobody else has been made to do. 

Elizabeth Lutjens

For the past 33 years, Elizabeth's husband, a therapist, has communicated to her a reoccurring theme he's heard over the years—father wounds. Too many have grown up with fathers who are absent, abusive, or don't seem to care about contributing to their lives. Elizabeth has chosen to associate with A Daughter's Journey because it proactively builds lifelong memories for dads and their daughters—something she knows to be priceless.

Keisha Hill

(Ret.) Military Spouse Keisha Hill transplanted to Colorado in 2007. She and her husband, Eldrick (USAFA Grad ’93) along with their 4 children chose to retire here in 2013, due to the beautiful weather, breathtaking mountains, and amazing people. Keisha’s career has been in the field of education since 1993, where she has served in various roles from teacher to administrator. Locally, she served as a Teacher and  School Administrator in Academy School District 20. Keisha currently travels the country training teachers nationally in Kagan Structures designed to increase engagement. When she is not engaging teachers, she welcomes visitors on Sunday mornings by serving at the Welcome Center at Zeal Church. Keisha is passionate about A Daughter’s Journey and is a strong advocate of Daddy-Daughter relationships. Aside from Keisha’s husband and daughter’s annual attendance, Keisha routinely flies her father in from Ohio so he can also attend this irreplaceable event with her. This year will be a year to remember as we head True North!

Sarah Miles

Sarah loves spending time with her dad, be it at an Avs Game, a swim meet, or just a spontaneous breakfast at a favorite local restaurant. The yearly outing to the Father Daughter Dinner Dance has always been her favorite of these special memories, and she feels so blessed to be a part of creating these precious evenings for other Fathers and Daughters in the Springs. Now expecting a daughter this winter, she looks forward fondly to the day she can send her husband and daughter off to their first A Daughter's Journey dance.

Phil Detter